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Resources and new courses will continue to be added over time - so do keep coming back to see what is here. There will be material to support your learning, provide additional opportunities for learning beyond the usual curriculum and access to information that there is not always possible to share within lesson time. As well as this there will be student questionnaires and homework tasks for some subjects as well as calendar dates to help keep you informed as to what is going on and allow you to have your say.

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If you want to formally join you can:

  • see the films available
  • add films to our wishlist
  • submit film reviews (which may win prizes)

Go to and use our club code - CCZ5803F

Materials for the first lego league

Expected outcomes

This A level syllabus offers you the chance to study Economics through building knowledge of core microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts, and by investigating economic theory through real-world businesses and the environments in which they operate.It aims to introduce you to the tools of economic analysis and to adopt a problem-solving approach to key issues in Economics.

Look here for essential information about the whole course.

Developing New Business Ideas

This is Unit 2b of the AS course and looks at how key economic concepts affect businesses.
This section contains resources for Unit 3 International Business.
This is the last of the Year 13 A2 units and is synoptic.  It is taught around pre-release case study material, the focus of which changes each year.

You will find resources for the NEW GCSE English courses here for students in Year 10 beginning the course in September 2015.

The moodle page for school council documents and updates
Information for the Duke of Edinburgh Award groups at Camp Hill Girls School.

Resource area for A-Level students from September 2016.

The Moodle page for the A-Level Non-Examined Assessment

The moodle page for y9

Contents for Y9 History syllabus

 mGCSE HIstory

The Moodle page for the A-Level coursework module

The Moodle page for A2 Government and Politics Units 3B and 4B.

This is the course for AS Unit 2.

This club is dedicated to everyone who wants to learn some Italian and learn more about Italy. We will discuss language, but also culture and traditions, including music, food, art and more.

This Moodle Course will host all the materials for the club, so they can be accessed outside of the club times in the classroom and possibly in the classroom itself, when appropriate.

Thanks for joining and have fun!

GCSE German

En este curso estudiaremos todos los temas para presentarnos al examen de final de curso OCR.

An example of a film review.
Links to useful websites for learners of English
Use the checklists to evaluate your writing before handing it in.
This activity will show you how to achieve a more academic style in your written work.
Examples of when, and when not, to use commas, apostrophes, colons and semi-colons.
Study the examples of compound and complex sentences and then try to improve the short texts that follow.
This course is made up of a sequence of activities based around a newspaper article.  The aim is to help you improve your overall language awareness and to introduce you to techniques that you can incorporate in to your own writing.

Guest Questionnaire (Parents and Guardians)

Counting to 10 and Guess My Number
Summer term introductory lessons for year 12 on Algebra and Functions.
GCSE Additional Mathematics Course Page

Higher Project course forms

Year 10 History of Music

Year 8 chemistry scheme and resources

Year 7 chemistry modules

A2 Topics and Resources
AS topics and Resources
Year 11 Topics and resources
Year 10 Topics and resources
Year 9 Chemistry topics and resources
These are resources to help you with homework activities

Course is edited by the students in Y12/13

Student Survey of the Artemis Network Event held on 3rd March 2015

Student interview feedback forms